BANZAI Wave Crasher Surf Slide


About this item

  • Creat a giant wave as you launch down the ramp and splash into the oversize pool.
  • Refreshing water rail sprinkler keeps slide surface slick.
  • Inflatable wave slide easily attached to any garden hose.
  • Slide is 6 ‘ long x 28″ wide. Inflatable pool is 7’ long x 70″ wide.
  • Comes with: 1 wave crasher surf slide, 1 inflatable splash pool, 1 inflatable body board, 1 repair patch and 1 water watcher tag.
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banzai surf slidesSplash into fun with the Wave Crasher Surf Slide! The ultimate water slide and pool combo! Grab your body board, get a running start and dive onto the inflated elevated water slide. Make some waves and land with a splash as you plunge into the pool. It’s the greatest backyard thrill you’ll have all summer long!