Backyard Discovery Victorian Mansion 2-Story All Cedar Wooden Playhouse


  • Two spacious levels connected by real staircase and safety railings
  • Front porch leading to working door with spring hinges
  • Three sizeable window openings with ledges
  • Six white trimmed windows and bay window
  • Interior bench with cushion, one chair and one stool

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Backyard Discovery’s Victorian Mansion Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery’s Victorian Mansion wooden playhouse takes “playing house” to new heights in this beautifully designed 2-story outdoor playhouse for kids. It’s Packed with loads of fun, from the toy stove, sink, cutting board, fruit and veggies, to the second floor desk and chair positioned for a perfect view out of the charming bay window. The elegantly stained cedar wood provides an exterior that is sure to rival any house in your neighborhood. With 2 spacious floors filled with fun activities, your kids will spend countless hours exploring all of the nooks and crannies of their Victorian Mansion playhouse. This outdoor wooden playhouse is not just your ordinary toy playhouse, the Victorian Mansion is a playhouse estate perfect for kids with an imagination just as big.

Backyard Discovery’s Victorian Mansion wooden playhouse comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warrenty for defective parts and a 5 year. pro-rated warranty on wood for rot and decay. Sp what are you waiting form Order your¬†Backyard Discovery’s Victorian Mansion wooden playhouse today!