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Buy Your Kids a Sandbox Today!

There is a place where kids can go be kids for hours on end: the backyard.

The backyard is a place where kids can play, be creative, use their imagination, and just have fun. That’s why every backyard could use a sandbox. No matter the size of the yard, a sandbox is great for hours of creative, outside play.

Backyard sanbox

Who doesn’t remember playing in a sandbox as a kid? The unstructured hours spent building and creating, digging and tunneling, designing and sculpting- then smashing it all down to start again the next day. The sandbox became a race track for toy cars, a castle for dolls, or an excavation site for hidden toys. And if you turned on the hose, the sandbox became a prehistoric pond, a sunny lake, or a beach vacation spot. It’s wonderful remembering the seemingly endless hours spent in the sand, playing until you were called back inside.

A Safe Place to Play for Hours of Enjoyment

Sandboxes are great for a child who needs a quiet moment alone to play without any interference. It can be a calming, tactile activity for any personality type. They’re also great for a group of friends or siblings who are just hanging out, or who meet for a play-date or perhaps a birthday party. What a parent sees as children learning group dynamics or social skills, the kids just see as a blank slate for fun.

Sandboxes are great for parents, too. It’s a perfect way to spend time together with children (or grandchildren). There aren’t many forms of entertainment that can appeal to such a wide age range. It’s a simple addition that makes a backyard the one that other kids want to come play in. Few things make a parent as happy as seeing their children having lots of fun in a safe environment, out in the fresh air, away from the TV.

Let Your Child Build a Castle in Their Very Own Sandbox!

A new sandbox as a birthday gift, or a “just because” gift is a great way to give your child a fun, creative, and safe place to play in your backyard. From your standard wooden sandbox type to a cool critter shaped sandbox, we have the perfect environment that your child dreams of. Do you have three or four children? Don’t worry, we carry sandboxes that are big enough for the whole family.