Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery is part of Step2 Discovery with headquarters in Pittsburgh, KS. Backyard Discovery  has been dedicated to providing people like you with outdoor play sets for over 30 years. Backyard Discover has a reputation for producing only the highest quality wooden swing sets, playhouses and backyard leisure products for the home. Backyard Discovery is dedicated to producing products that will get kids to want to play outside and get exercise like we did when we were kids.

Whether you are in North Carolina, Florida, California, Texas, or any where else in the United States, we will ship your Backyard Discovery playset, playhouse, or swing set right to your house within a couple of days. Curb side delivery is the delivery method used. This means your the driver is not responsible for moving your Backyard Discovery playset anywhere except on the curb or lawn. Some assembly may be required. If you have any questions contact us!


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